“Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident.”
…Dale Carnegie​

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Inspirational Keynote Engagements

Your teams can’t just be told to “embrace change” as you reform their performance and productivity. They need to be engaged as purpose-driven human beings in the transitions that impact their lives and your earnings statement. When you need an inspiring keynote from a charismatic male or female or from a married couple that will delight your audience, we’ve got it all. We offer meaningful experiences in Leadership, Teamwork, Transitions and Work-Life balance. We will concurrently challenge, entertain and yes, inspire your audience to transition to their next level of performance; BETTER!

From the experiences of Husband, Father, Leader and Coach or from Wife, Mother and Consultant, even both, our corporate leadership has navigated through the many transitions of life both personally and professionally. Civilian to military, military to civilian. Employed to unemployed to entrepreneur. Marriage to divorce and back again. Parents to empty-nesters. We get it. We listen to your team’s challenges and your objectives, and we relate meaningful real-life experiences, touching stories and humorous vignettes that will give your team a fresh look on proactively managing the many transitions of job, career and life, all with the goal of betterment. Our products include increased performance, intellectual stimulation and a flair of comedy.

“The single most important skill you must have is the ability to tell your own story.”
                 …Bo Eason

We offer a one-of-a-kind approach to inspiring speeches, precisely tailored for your audience, from the hearts of a husband and wife team, each with a world of transitions in their past, as individuals, partners and military leaders.
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